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“Tracing Tears” is an adventure game for users aged 10 to 30 that like the experience associated with a fictional story. The user’s avatar across multiple worlds will be the as essence of human regret, embodied by a tear. With the assistance of a time machine the user traces a mystical path through other ages of consequence, including a Vampire era, a world of Mega beings, a Fairy realm, Diminui and post-modern Human (year 2999) epochs. Each era serves as connected steps, gathering symbolic “tears of regret” along the way: sunshine, trees, water, weapon and temperature. The purpose of this game is to make the user (next generation) aware that no matter who we are, how much power we think we get, Earth is the one that give us life and easily destroys us if we have no respect.

Statement of Interest:

After struggling for weeks with different ideas, I decided to build a time machine game. It will be an educational platform to involve people in an interesting jump through history. It will not be a game involving all of history. I will choose from some very typical and attractive events occurring over the span of known history (topics to be selected after further research). Because it is a time machine, it will have some fictional future feature as well. The user is also able to get invovled with scenarios from the future. The future ideas will be based on the possibilities of global warming and other hot environmental topics. I will use my creativity to design what will happen in the future.

The purpose of this game is showing the idea that no matter where you are, who you are, you are still the part of this world. The only thing that matters is your soul. I want to make people journey through history as a way to do feel and examine one’s life. It would offer a limited but unique perspective that can be used to understand different cultures as well as the limitations or possibilities of yourself within them.

I have been reading different books about going back to history for a while. I think it is an interesting idea to make people going back to history to feel the life and wisdom from the life in ancient times. One book I read is called <不负如来不负卿>. It is about an archaeology went back to 500 years ago met a famous bonze. They first met the bonze is 10 years old, the archaeology was his Chinese teacher. The next time they met the bonze is 20 years old. Because the archaeology should go back to her time, so every time they met is 10 years later. It is a typical love story. But the brilliant idea is the writer made the archaeology as a part of the history. Although she knows what would happen, but what she did or told people is helping the history develop. Some times even she feel like she might change the history because she told people what will happen, but in the end history still came out the way it should have been all along.
Another favorite book of mine is <寻找前世之旅
>. The girl will have all kinds of clients. They have weird problems which can not be explained by medicine. The girl’s teacher has magic power he can find out the ghost who caused the problem and send the girl to another time period as a means to change the fate of the people. In the trip, she will meet different interesting people, like the keens, the vampires, and even people from mythology. Every time, the reward for solving the problem was a single tear from the client’s eye. When her teacher’s collection of tears bottle became white she would come to know what happened in her preexistence. … Then,… Her teacher was the god’s son, and he used one of his ribs to make the girl… The attractive point is travel back to history and met famous people and each time bring back some detail information involves yourself or helped you to find what is real you.

I also like the idea of the movie “Jumper,” the premise being that your mind controls where you can go. The main actor has the ability to jump all over the world in seconds, just by using a special force of concentration.

Based on so many interesting and different ideas, it really bothers me about how to organize my idea. I will use my drawing skills to create all the interface items and enhance them using any combination of Photoshop, freehand drawing or Illustrator. I will also take a Flash class since there will be a lot of interactive design elements in the final outcome. There are likely to be unknown problems I will need to solve. I planned to use another year or so of studies at the Academy of Art to solve these problems and complete a workable, usable version of this time machine-based idea.


Background Story:
The year is 4021. In “Tracing Tears” the user, symbolized by a tear, the remaining essence of what was once human before the mass extinction in 2999 .As the sad, defeated spirit of humanity, . After more than 1000 years of lonely searching yet remaining lost for meaning, the user experience beings when s/he meets a fairy who will tell the user about his/her former life in Humanity, and why he/she became a tear of regret. He needs to find other tears, each with a distinct meaning tied to an allegory of human recklessness, in order to save the earth from destruction. And the fairy will offer the user two tools: One is a time machine for the user, and which the fairy’s magical technology has set to specific ages/epochs which serve as object lessons for humanity’s decline and destruction; the other is magic “brick” which can help him change the character. Here are the five eras users can go and find the other tears:

1. Vampire time: The most pure-blooded vampire is the most powerful one in the vampire world. He changed the rules for all vampires of the age. For the first time, vampires were forced to exist only in the night, as the most-pure vampire believed it to be most sacred. Before this, vampires had lived even by day, although their powers were not as strong. Night time made the vampire population much stronger, and they came to love the darkness. But after 500 years, the most-pure vampire misses the warmth of the sun, and tests his intentions one day. When he finally wants to stay a while in the sunshine, after so long he realize he can no longer do it, and it has become deadly to him. So the regret of sunshine is from the pure-blooded Vampire who ignored the sun and considered his internal blood power the only necessary thing.The Vampire loses the essence of the sun in the form his tear, which the user captures and takes to the next level.

2. Fairy time: The Fairy King hates the cold weather and especially ice. So he uses ancient fairy magic to make the Earth in the same temperature all the way around, and the ice in south/north pole began to melt. In trying to manipulatye the Earth, the fairy king destroyed it. So the regret of warm is from the king fairy.

3. Titan time: The Queen of the Titans likes shower and keeps herself looking good. She takes shower every two hours and uses the pure water. Not only that, she used all of the water. Metaphorically, one wasteful Queen leads to the death of all Titans. So the regret of water, and its tear, rolls from the cheek of the Titan Queen.

4. Diminui time: The egotistical miniature leader in this era of strange, tiny beings decides to have all of his empire’s trees cut down. Seeking a way to advance their people, the Diminuis realized the trees contained ingredients that could be used to make a medicine — a medicine which can make Diminuis look taller, which they all desired badly. Suddenly, their error is revealed by the broken eco-system of tree extinction, and that basically leads to the death of all the Diminui.
So the “regret of the trees” is a tear shed by the sad leader of the doomed Diminui.

5. Late Human time: User see the human life of 2999, a distant future to the user but oddly it is the avatar’s distant past, and the last time it was recognizable as a complete form of humanity. A person of this age invented the ultimate final weapon of mass destruction, and sold it to the biggest nation and that nation’s president decided to use it. The weapon was far too powerful than they thought, and it totally wasted the whole world. The user will find out he is that weapon’s designer. A final tear is collected at this stage of the journey -- the tear of intelligence used for wrongdoing comes from the human.

When the user has five different tears together they will combine to become a big magic power to save the Earth. Make the Earth restart again… fate start again….


A mixture of hand drawing and Adobe Photoshop, plus illustrations of different “worlds” and characters for each of the sublevels (includes scans of hand-drawn concepts, as well as Adobe Illustrator pieces, mixed together).


Technique Requirements:
Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, Logic Pro.

Target Audiences:

· All ages, though 10-30 is probably the core audience
· Students: Those interested in exploring their imaginations with historical and future contexts, as well as mixed elements of fact and fiction.
· Parents: Some of whom want their children to have an awareness of the world and its needs
· Others: people who like to change and world, fiction stories or adventure games.

Interesting Functions:
· Users can choose the character and experience to be a Vampire, Titan, Fairy or Diminui.
· Users have the concept of a time machine to explore the different worlds imaginatively.
· · Users can find adventure in the fictional story and experience it by themselves.

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