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Abstract Top
eCard maker is an application website which allows user to create and decorate cards by themselves . It’s for people who like to send the cards to friends or family. Also, the card will build in 3D view. Users can turn the card to see different angles of card. Moreover, people are busy everyday. There are too many things that people have to remember. They may not remember every event, friend’s birthday, and every one’s e-mail address. This site will remind users special events or people’s birthdays through calendar to help users to remember the coming events. Also, user can manage people’s e-mail address and information in an address book.

Details Top

1. Overall Objective
The eCard maker is a 3D view ecard Create website. It is allow user to make a card by them selves. First of all, the ecard maker is different with the other sites. It’s making in 3D view, therefore, users can turn the card around to see different angle. Also, the site will supply the 3D elements, paper and music. User can pick whatever their want and put in the card. For example, user wants to make a Christmas card for friend. User can choose a Christmas tree, and ornament such as bells, smalls gift or a cross on the tree, and then choose a Christmas song. Invariably, user can write some word in the card. There is words edit window; user can modify the font, color and alignment. In addition, user can sing up for personal account to create an address book and calendar. User doesn’t have to worried about forget friends or family’s e-mail address and any special event. The system will sent user an e-mail before the one day of special day to remind user.

2. Target audience

Normally, the site is for the general public. Especially, the eCard Maker will target to people who like to send cards for friends, and the people who like to create and decorate card. Also, the people who are busy and don’t have time to prepare the card.

3. User Benefit

The eCard Maker will provide free cards to user. Users can create their own style cards in the every event such as birthday, Christmas, Halloween...etc. Moreover, user can create a personal account, there are address book and calendar that allow user to mark the events and manage people’s e-mail address and information. Beside, user can upload photos to be an eCard, if they want.

4. Functional specification

· Standard cards – This site will provide some cards that already have in site. If user doesn’t want to create and decorate, user can pick the standard card.
· Various elements and ornaments – create in 3D software, any different event or holiday has different elements and ornaments.
· Various card papers – there are many kind of papers, those are flat. Any different event and holiday has different paper.
· Various background music – I am still thinking about it, because of the music source (where can I get music legally.)
· Sign in – user can create a personal account to manage personal profile.The account will record the sending history.
· Personal address book – user can manage people’s e-mail and information, like telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, birthday, address…etc.
· Calendar - user can mark friend and family members’ birthday, and events, holidays and special days. Before the 3 days of any day that user was marked. The system will send an e-mail to user’s e-mail box to remind user.
· Words edit window – it is a limited 150 works. user can modify the font, color and alignment.
· User can upload the photos to be an eCard – if user doesn’t like any of them or want to use their own photos. User can upload the photo to be am cCard.
· Print and downlaod- user can print out the card and download the card.
· Record sound -user can record the sound or the word user would like to say.
· Upload- user can upload the sound, music, photo or video

5. Techniogical

Flash - Basically, all of elements will assemble in Flash.
Maya – create 3D elements
MySQL – personal account

6. Platform

Target operating system – Windows Vista, windows XP and Mac.
Target browser – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google chrome, Opera
Target display resolution – 800x 600 ,1024 X 768

Statement of interest

I think everyone likes to send a card or receive a card in any special day. I do, too. Every time I received a card, I just couldn’t wait to open it. When I read every sentence and every word, it made my heart warm and happy. Sending the card, it’s a good way to communicate relationship from people to people. Also, a good way to establish contact with people can not see them frequently. However, people are busy everyday. There are too many things that we have to remember, project, homework or meeting. We almost forgot friend or family member’s birthday. I was thinking, if there is any system that can remind me, my friends and family member’s birthday is coming soon, than, I can buy a card and send to them before the deadline.

Beside, the traditional paper cards are hard to collect. Every time, after I read the card, and I cautiously put it in my drawer, bookcase or place it between book’s pages. Anytime, I would like to look for my cards and read again, than, I just couldn’t find it. In addition, I was thinking if there is some things that can help me manage my cards, and put all of them in one place. It would be really convenient and efficiently.

Therefore, according to those reasons, I started to consider about making an online eCard. I tried to search eCard site on Internet. There are plenty of ecard site. Nevertheless, there are just some flat eCard and flash eCard. I hope there is a place that I can make a different card with others. So, I planed to create an eCard maker site that allow user to create and decorate a card online. Also, there is an address book and calendar to let me manage my friend’s e-mail address and information and mark any special events and friend’s birthday. Eventually, I thesis was accomplished.

Mind Mapping Top


Site Map Top

User Work Flow 1 Top


User Work Flow 2 Top


User Work Flow 3 Top


Editor Interface

This is the card editor interface. User can pick a card by category, and into the editor window. User can edit all of elements such as background, ornaments, background music, note card and paper through this editor window. If user is not satisfied about the elements.user can press the edit button that is in the bottom of the every elements to modify the elements.

Elemetns Editor Interface

This is the element editor interface. user can change each particular element. For this picture, user can edit Santa's hat, hair, pose, figure, face and eyes.


Competitive Analysis

JIb JAB - http://sendables.jibjab.com/


Figure 1.

The feature of JIBJAB is the user can put their head photo in character’s head.

Figure 2.

It's easy to modify your head's photo, even some people don't know how to use Photoshop. Uer can still work on this website. This site teaches user how to user the face shape modify function step by step.
Figure 3.

One of the feature of this site is user’s mouth can be moved in the video.


1. User can put face in the movie and photos
2. Clear and consistent navigation.
3. Clear direction how to use the site - step by step.
4. Simple modify head, mouth tool - easy to use
5. User can only e-mail to people, but also post/embed, print/download and order a gift.
6. User can tract the ecard.

1. Target audeint- maybe it's not for some people are not familiar with computer.

Blue Mountain - http://www.bluemountain.com/index.pd


Figure 1.

This is the homepage of Blue Mountain. There is a welcome blurb in right side of the page.Also user can find top 10 cards in the first page.

Figure 2.

Provide a clear visual hierarchy. Useing flash display the cards. User is really convienient to browse cards
Figure 3.

The site provide a personal calendar and address book.


1. Provide top 10 cards.
2. User can design paper and screensavers.
3. Provide a reminder and an address book.
4. Breadcrumb trail

1. The sub-section navigation changes color and font in the second level of side
2.Some of function must use Mozilla Based browser or (Internet Explorer) in order to use create and print .
3. There are some ads in the pages.
4. The pages are too busy. Need more space between elements.
5. Have to pay
6. Too many categories appear in one page, need more origination.

JIb JAB - http://www.123greetings.com/


Figure 1.

This is the homepage of 123greeting. The coming events are posted in first page.Also there are upcoming events are displayed in the right of page to remind people what events are upcoming soon.

Figure 2.

There is some description next to the card. Also, there are rating and showing how many people are viewing this card.
Figure 3.

User can modify the font, alignment, font color in the editor window. It's unlimited message space.


1. Uses don’t need to create account.
2. Visual hierarchy
3. Breadcrumb trail
4. User can add comments
5. User can give a rating
6. Clear and consistent navigation
7. Provide card information, such as card size, card type, rated and card relevant..
10. Bookmark
12. User can add tags by themselves.
13. The preview feature lets you preview the ecard in a faster way.
14.New events calendar
15 Top 10 cars.
16.User can track, edit and delete their card.

1. No personal account.
2. There are a lot of card, but some of them are not attractive.
3. Pages are too long and too busy. It’s not comfortable to browse.

4. There are ads in the pages.

Competitive Analysis




User Persona

Target audience
Normally, the site is for the general public. Especially, the eCard Maker will target to people who like to send cards for friends, and the people who like to create and decorate card. Also, the people who are busy, and don’t have time to prepare a card. Moreover, the site will build easy and clean navigation and clear discription of how to create a card. Hopefully, it can target every age of people even they are not familiar with computer.

User Scenarios



This the home page of eCard maker. The navigation will appear in the top of every page, and give it a consistency looking.

Wireframe- sub page

This is creating ecard page. The card categories will appear in the right side.
There is a direction in the middle of page.The personal account will not change the position. then there is a coming up events window appears in the bottom.

Wireframe- eCard maker interface

This the interface of card maker. User can start to create a card by dragging the elements to stage, or double clikc the element to edit

Wireframe- Calendar

This is the calendar, User can crate an event by click the day, There is a bump out window to let user type in the event.

Wireframe- Sending Form

This is the sending detail page, User can save ,print and send the card.Also, the sending form is connecting with the address
book, so user doesn't have to
remember the receiver's detail

Wireframe- Address book Discription
This is the address book
User can add a new person, and view the people's info by roll over the person. There is a bump out window to see friend's info. Also user can delete or see the detail


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