Treasure Ocean

What is your treasure in your everyday life? Let's upload and share your treasures !

3.Statement of Interest
5.Competitive Analysis
6.User Profile
8.User flow
9.Task flowchart
11.Book Cover design


"Treasure Ocean" is a social networking website which offers personal space for sharing the users treasures. In "Treasure Ocean", a user
can create their personal space and upload photos, videos, text messages with the mobile devices. The term of "Treasure" in this website
can be not only positive things but negative one in people's memories such as special birthday photos etc. In this website, the user can see
the treasures of other people. If people want to respond with the story of treasures on the browser, they can click "Sympathy" icon and can
increase the treasure rank. In addition, people can add friends and send instant messages about the story of the treasures.There are many
social networking sites in this era but "Treasure Ocean" will not be the same one, it will be a more fun and active visual website rather than
plain layout like facebook. Also, this website will be focused on moving into the deep relationship with people rather than superficial networking.


Overall Objective
In this era, there are many social networking website in the world. Especially, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter is the most popular social networking
website in the U.S where people can communicate and network of the similar hobby and interest. But people still want to stronger and more emotional
connection with the people in there web world not only superficial networking.
Technology point of view, the social networking websites have a lot of potential energy. I have studied about HCI before, it is
Human-computer interaction. This is a kind of paradigm shift that evaluate and implement of interactive computing system for human use.
It gives me an idea that focusing on human's mind.
"Treasure Ocean" will be a something NEW & FUN & EASY & WARM visual social networking website.

Technological, platform, and interface
"Treasure Ocean" will offer two different platforms one is "Blue Ocean" where the user can post up their story of sadness and sorrow, another
one is "Pink Ocean" where people can upload their precious photos,music,stories and videos of positive emotions like happiness.

Platform will be a flash based and connected with the mobile devices. It will offer various functional systems that allow uploading photos,music,
videos and text messages. Also user can create their space with the simple steps.
User can build their own ocean with the two colors of stories and travel to other people's ocean as well. They might communicate with the similar
story they have and make a relationship with 'sympathy friends'.

Target Audience

My primary target audience is current social networking website users such as facebook and twitter in the U.S with an average age of 20 - 40.
They are working and/or studying in the real world.

Statement of Interest
"Shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half a sorrow."
-Swedish proverb

I have always wondered what my purpose in life is. This is a quite huge question to speak simply, but it is the most important aspect
for my project and my future. Actually I am person who enjoys life and who value social connection.
My relationships with others are really important to me.
In my project, people can share their stories in deep heart such as a joy, happiness, and also burdens, concerns and worries.
It can be both sides positive and negative feelings. So people can take out their burdens inside of the heart and get a comfort from others.

As I study new media in U.S I have become aware of the many beneficial ways in which the web can be used.
The Internet is a neutral tool and it can be a harmful poison or useful medicine in accordance with how people use it.
The important thing is a intent of people who use the tool. I would like to focus on how to use a tool in order to positively influences others.
Through the Internet people can get the useful information and strength in their life.
Furthermore the internet users can make a good relationship beyond geographical limitation.

For me, one more step further, I want to make the a website that doesn’t merely focus on superficial relationships but one that offers
comfort and healing through the mutual support of those who use it.
“Shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half a sorrow.”
Now, people are longing for warm heart and want to release their burdens in their busy life. I want to build a website that has a concept of
personal mini diary with the Web 2.0 platform. As the film camera transformed to digital camera, the era has shifted from paper diaries to
web diaries.


Competitive Analysis – Treasure Ocean
“Treasure can be found in your everyday life!”
Treasure Ocean is a social networking website focused on self-healing. I researched many of SNS
website related to group of ages, schools, regions and hobby. But it was hard to find the SNS that
related to self-healing. In this website, people who have precious things in their life can communicate
each other and vote which treasure is most precious, it can be words, photos, video and music.
I was inspired by function of site which has visual database design and concepts of that integrated mobile devices and email contact list. And EMO site inspires me
idea of data visualization by region and date.
This competitive analysis provides a snapshot of how competitors are placed in the social networking
arena when compared to Treasure Ocean. It also helps to learn what works and what doesn't and will
provide a good starting place for the design of Treasure Ocean site.



User Profile 1

User Profile 2

User Profile 3



User Flow

Task Flowchart

-Main (theme 1)
-Main (theme 2)
-Main (theme 3)

-User's home (theme 1)
-User's home (theme 2)
-User's home (theme 3)

Book Cover design



"Treasure Ocean" is a Web 2.0 innovated micro Social Networking Website
It will be a FUN & EASY & WARM website for next generation who are seeking more emotional connection rather than superficial networking.
In “Treasure Ocean”, a user can create their personal space and upload photos, videos, musics and text messages with the mobile devices.
This project is means to me learning developed skill of php programming and information design. As well as, this site will give the users a comfort and a rest.
Simple platform & visible hierarchy will help users to use easily and efficiently.
In addition, this project will encourage melancholic people in this era.
I hope my project not only can give people a new experience about new media to enjoy, but touch their deep heart.