----1 Abstract
----2 Details
--------2.1 Overall Objective
--------2.2 Target Audience
--------2.3 User Benefit
--------2.4 Technological, platform, and interface
--------2.5 Functions
3 Wire Frame
4 Site Map & Flow Chart
5 Competitive Analysis
6 Mood Board
7 User Personas
8 The Book
----9 Statement of Interest


What’s in your fridge is a website for searching a recipe, based on ingredient(s) that user enter as a keyword. It is an ideal for anyone who are inexperience in cooking, can't make up their mind about what to cook, or even wanted to get rid of what leftovers in a delicious way; as well as whom are seeking a new idea for their favorite ingredient. Besides of that, it will be a place where people can enjoy exchanging their recipe or comments/ suggestions, rate, and save their favorite.


Overall Objective

How WIYF is different from another recipe website, perhaps, it is trying to establish a new experience of recipe searching; therefore, it provides (and focuses) mostly on the ingredients, to give the best relevant result to user.
Normally, people are start with recipe they like, shop the ingredients, and then cook; what if this process is not suitable for someone? Let’s think about student who doesn’t have any idea to cook, and living somewhere far from grocery store, maybe has a tight budget too, and wonders what can be made from 4-5 ingredients that left in the fridge.
User are welcome to register (free) for more ability to participate with the website, such as, post recipe, save their favorite, rate, and review.
In order to explore the recipe, users just enter the ingredient as keyword, as much as they want, and click search. It also provides options for more specific searching, such as, type of cuisine, dish type, cooking method, preparation time, and more to come.
Results will be ranked by accuracy, by default, judged by how they are match to the given ingredients; however user can rank by options, name, or vote score.

Target Audience

WIYF can be used by anyone, but the Primary Audience is people who are limited by cooking experience, budgets, and or hardly find time to shop, in both genders; and although adults are preferred, children can be enjoyable too. An example of target group is student who lives in dorm.

User Benefit

The project is aim to give a cooking knowledge to target group, as well as to offer an interactivity way in using and searching. With or without cooking experience, user are invited to enjoy their cooking through their browsing, with an exciting interface, tools, and functions that are provided. It is also aim to build a community among users that they can give a comment, write an article, vote, or discuss with each other.
In a bigger picture, because food is valuable, we should not waste it for nothing but rather use (eat) for the most benefits, as much as possible. There are many starving people all over the world, people who cannot afford good food for living, people who works hard all day for a little money, as well as farmer, fisherman, or herdsman who provides us a food to eat not to waste; it is a shame if we don't pay attention to what we have.
WIYF want to be a part of any possible ways to help, both for personally and for the world.

Technological, platform, and interface

This project will be developed with PHP and My SQL, since I have background and learned these before, they would be the main thing I will focus on. However, I will in clued Java Script and AJAX too, I believe that they can help create interesting and usability to user.
It will be compatible with most modern web browsers, with JavaScript enabled.
The interface in my idea, is clean, a bit web 2.0 like, and must be easy for user.


WIYF is innovative in term of web technology or functions that it will offers to users. These functions are chosen by their usefulness, liveliness, and especially an ease of use, in order to give the most benefit to users.

Auto complete - is word or phrase prediction, when user type in the form, instantly, without actually finished typing. It is widely used in many websites, intimately, such as Google. For my project, using auto complete will increase accuracy when working with database, both retrieving and writing information; besides of that it will be helpful and easier for users.

Fridge Magnet - The idea is came from magnet that we usually put it on the fridge door, to stick note or recipe. Fridge magnet is actually developed by AJAX drag and drop. It offers user abilities to rearrange objects on the page by drag and drop the box (widget), close, or adjust the options, I believe that it will increase interactivity and liveliness, as well as convenience for user. The magnet is a widget that are made for many purposes, such as, note, calculator, or user’s ingredients.

Object can be dragged around

User can rearrange the object

Tag Cloud - Tag cloud has become more popular, as we can see from many websites, its purpose is very simple and help giving ideas / interests / or conveniences to user. Although tag cloud is useful, but some users can be confused by text and size. This problem is ignored by most websites, even though a solution is fairly simple, by offering a sorting function to user, whether by alphabet or strength ( most popular)
By using tag cloud, I believe that it can help user in their searching, because sometimes we can forgot easily about what we have in the fridge. Tag cloud aim to give users a situation like "Oh! that's right we also have this too" and will keep them stay with our website.


Wire Frame

First Page
Search Page

Site Map & Flow Chart

Competitive Analysis



A cooking website by firefighter chefs. Users are able to search recipe by ingredients up to 6 available ingredients at a time. Search results are not listed, rather than use “next/ previous” hyperlink; this way user will never know how much recipe are found.
For another functions, users can browse menu or search from drop down that listed by title, author, ingredient, category; and also able to submit their recipe (will not show immediately, before “next update”)

- Users can submit their recipe.
- Links to another website.
- Book suggestion.

- Poor interface.
- Lack of usability.
- No picture.



Website provides a good idea in searching with ingredients tick box, both “in your fridge” and “in your cupboard”; this way user can select as many ingredients as available. Besides searching, there’s an option “I feel lucky!”; however, unlike Google which takes you directly to the first web page returned, this option seems to pick one recipe instead (and it’s not the best one.)
Result page is very interesting, the return results will be rated as percentage, according to how much ingredients used in a recipe. After click each recipe, will return ingredients, method, and small picture, if available. Good thing about recipe page is print page is available for user, although over all user interface is not very good. A “skills by number” section, which is cooking instructions and tips, is very useful, while other sections are vague and confusing.

- Easy and understandable searching method.
- Relevant search result rating
- “Skills by number” is very useful

- Users can not help submit their recipe.
- Use frame with bad links.
- Not very good interface and usability.
- Unnecessary links (including ‘I feel luck!)
- Small picture.



Top rank website about food and recipe, allrecipes.com is very famous to food lovers. Searching is very impressive, users will get a good experience to search through options provided in advanced search, such as meal, cuisine, cooking method, submitter name, etc.

- Impressive searching.
- Good usability.
- Nice interface.
- Membership registration.

- Based on recipe rather than ingredients.
- Options maybe too much for beginner.

Mood Board

Fun Theme (click image to enlarge)

Community Theme (click image to enlarge)

Formal Theme (click image to enlarge)

User Personas

Name: Zara
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Education: BA
Occupation: Student
Housing: Living with parent
Martial Status: Single
Hobbies: Shopping, surfing the internet
Disabilities: N/A
Work Hours: 4-5/ day

Computer System: Windows Vista
Browser: Internet explorer
Internet: ADSL
Computer Experience: 5 years

Cooking Skills: Little
Favorite Food: Thai, Western
Favorite Dish: Pasta
Special Considerations: N/A
What’s in the Fridge: Milk, egg, pork, ham, some vegetables and fruits, yogurt
Kitchen Size: Medium (standard kitchen ware with amenities, microwave and oven)

Teenage who is inexperienced at cooking
Her willing to cook was coming from when she saw food that leftover in the fridge became spoil and have to end up in garbage. She thought that it is a waste and such an improper way to do with food. Her cooking skill is just a beginner, she doesn’t want to buy more stuff, and it should be a good idea to start searching from her fridge. “But where can I find an easy recipe for the leftover green curry?” She wonders.

Name: William
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Location: San Francisco
Education: BA
Occupation: Student
Housing: Rental an apartment
Martial Status: Single
Hobbies: Listen to music, reading, workout
Disabilities: N/A
Work Hours: 6-8/ day

Computer System: Windows XP
Browser: Internet explorer, Firefox
Internet: Wireless ADSL
Computer Experience: 10 years

Cooking Skills: Adequate
Favorite Food: Western, Mexican, Japanese
Favorite Dish: Tuna casserole, burritos, sushi
Special Considerations: Don’t eat red meat and pork
What’s in the Fridge: Milk, chicken, vegetables, frozen food, instant food
Kitchen Size: Very small (some kitchen ware with stove, microwave)

A Hard Working Student
William is a senior. This semester he barely has time to do anything else apart from studying, left alone the time for shopping. He always sits at his desk writing his thesis and when he leaves it to cook something to satisfy his empty stomach, he finds that his fridge is filled with ingredient leftovers from his “long-time-ago” shopping. His head is already stunned with this final thesis that he doesn’t know how can he put these ingredients together to be a dish. He wonders if there is any help.

Name: Maira
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Location: San Francisco
Education: BA
Occupation: Student
Housing: Rental an apartment
Martial Status: Single
Hobbies: Playing sports, listen to music
Disabilities: N/A
Work Hours: 6-8/ day

Computer System: Windows Vista
Browser: Firefox, Internet explorer
Internet: Wireless ADSL
Computer Experience: 10+ years

Cooking Skills: Intermediate
Favorite Food: Western, Thai
Favorite Dish: Anything with cheese
Special Considerations: Don't eat pork
What’s in the Fridge: Cheese, chicken, meat, vegetables, fruits, frozen food, egg, juice
Kitchen Size: Small (standard kitchen ware with microwave and oven)

A desperate girlfriend

Maira is desperate. Her boyfriend is about to arrive at her front door in an hour. “Why do men always expect me to cook!?” she thinks sullenly. She never finds cooking a favorite activity, though her cooking skill is quite acceptable. She reaches the fridge to find variety of ingredients her mother brought in the last time she spent a visit. She doesn’t know what she can cook out of these ingredients. She calls a friend who loves cooking but only gets the recipes that need more shopping. The nearest supermarket is 20 minutes away, not including the shopping time. She has to cook whatever left in her fridge. She needs help.

Name: Raja
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Location: San Francisco
Education: MFA
Occupation: Own business
Housing: Rental an apartment
Martial Status: Married, 1 child
Hobbies: Reading, playing sports
Disabilities: Wear eye glasses
Work Hours: 6-8/ day

Computer System: Mac
Browser: Safari, Firefox
Internet: Wireless ADSL, mobile phone
Computer Experience: 15+ years

Cooking Skills: Advanced
Favorite Food: Western, fusion, Eastern
Favorite Dish: Home made food
Special Considerations: Low-carbohydrate and sodium
What’s in the Fridge: Milk, chicken, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs, juice,
Kitchen Size: Large

A father of a son
Raja is a father. Today is the day he made a promise to his 10 years old son that he would teach him some intermediate dishes. His business has kept him from preparing any recipe or any ingredient for the day. He was dressing his son for going shopping when the heavy storm pours on his roof, making them unable to go out. His son begins to cry and he knows it is his entire fault if he couldn’t keep the promise. So Raja asks his son to cook some easy dishes instead. “I don’t want to make an omelet! I want something more challenging” his son yells with tears. Raja doesn’t know any kid’s dish that can be cooked out of his leftovers in the fridge. He wonders if there is any help.

The Book

Book Cover

Other designs
book1.jpg book2.jpgbook4.jpg

Statement of Interest

I love cooking, and like to experiment with various ingredients, but many times I find myself struggle to create a menu. It make me wondered, is there any website that can help me searching an interesting recipe from ingredients that I have. I also mentioned this idea to many people, both with and without cooking experience, and they were said that this topic, sometimes, is their problem too.
We know that there are a lot of websites that can help us find a recipe, but they are not quite exactly that I want. This is challenging me to make my own web application that can answer my need.
As we’ve discussed in class, people tend to search a recipe and shop before cooking more than looking at what they are having, and using WIYF is an unusual process; but do we really not think this way? I believe that it is because we don’t have a good tool to help us, rather than it is against way of cooking.
Browsing websites on the internet urged me to create my own community website where people can join together, talk and help each other about what they are interested in. I took Web Technology 2 last semester and it was very helpful to me. It has fulfilled my knowledge and makes me so eager to learn more about PHP and MySQL. This is a very good matching for both of my interests, which I really want to make it happen, although it is not for the midpoint.
With the reasons above, I feel so confident that this project should work and useful for people, especially those who are my target group.